Chirayu Bagree

Legal Assistant

Chirayu Bagree is a lawyer whose life has been shaped by his interest in technology and his own experience, which began at a young age. After completing his legal education at Jindal Global Law School in 2023, Chirayu planned to pursue a profession that would allow him to combine his love for technology with his passion for the law. Having successfully traversed the treacherous waters of investing in the blockchain industry during the pandemic, Chirayu wanted to get behind the scenes. He acquired priceless wisdom that stoked his fire for the dynamic digital scene. Now, as a lawyer specializing in technology, AI, and Web 3.0, he begins on a journey to seamlessly connect the worlds of law and technology—a lifetime passion rather than a mere vocation. Chirayu is enthusiastic about contributing to lofty objectives and is motivated by the opportunity to use his legal knowledge to deal with the ever-changing problems in the tech industry. He is particularly interested in working with start-ups in the fintech, gaming, and blockchain industries, where he can provide individualized legal advice. Chirayu enjoys spending his free time playing and watching football, basketball, and cricket, and discussing these beautiful games with his friends. Insatiably curious, he enjoys traveling and going on adventures, meeting new people, and having stimulating conversations about business ideas with his peers.

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