Pankhuri Malhotra


Pankhuri is an accomplished legal professional with a proven track record of driving business excellence across diverse domains. Her career is highlighted by her significant role at Mobile Premier League (MPL), India’s largest eSports and mobile gaming unicorn, where she not only spearheaded MPL’s expansion into the UAE but also adeptly handled the regulatory and licensing challenges, enhancing MPL’s market presence and stature within the competitive mobile gaming sphere. Her versatility extends beyond traditional legal roles; she briefly took on the mantle of Chief Compliance Officer at Illuvium DAO, world’s largest gaming DAO that is building AAA open-world fantasy battle and role paying games, where she focused on addressing legal, licensing and compliance issues, further showcasing her adaptability and knowledge in the evolving landscape of digital governance and decentralised organisations. With a diverse background in corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, capital markets, and technology’s intersection with the legal landscape, she specialises in navigating complex regulatory landscapes and setting up business operations for clients in the gaming, Web3 and frontier technology space. Outside of her professional endeavours, like her Co-Founder, Pankhuri harbors a deep passion for gaming as well – seeing life through the lens of Uncharted, navigating the web3 jungle with the same zest as treasure hunting in ancient ruins and blending a professional rigour with an adventurer’s heart along the way!

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