Soham Panchamiya


Soham Panchamiya is a seasoned lawyer with a penchant for navigating the intricacies of technology and law, focusing on regulatory matters and dispute resolution. Having provided counsel to over three dozen clients dealing with regulatory issues within the ADGM, DIFC, VARA, CBUAE, and the SCA, Soham has firmly established his reputation. His particular focus lies in advising blockchain companies and financial services providers manoeuvring through the complexities of emerging tech matters. With a wealth of experience across the UK, EU, Singapore, and the UAE, Soham is known for providing deft advice in the face of regulatory uncertainties. In the Web3 sector, he first earned his stripes for his role in structuring ICOs and handling substantial tech Founder arbitrations, earning the trust of natives and OGs. This experience has solidified his standing as a go-to advisor for intricate licensing matters and corporate structuring. Soham was also the recipient of the 2024 Lexology Client Choice Award for Fintech in the UAE. Beyond the legal realm, Soham has a knack for gaming and spends his evenings conquering quests in Hogwarts Legacy—because even legal wizards need a break to master magical challenges!

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