Subha Chugh


Subha Chugh is legal whiz with a knack for navigating the intricate world of new age technology. As a law student, Subha Chugh dreamt of being part of the next Google. An accidental stumble upon a vacancy for Legal Counsel at Polygon introduced her to the world of Web 3. She has a particular affinity towards startups as she loves making sense of the chaos that comes out of nascent innovation and tackle problems as they arise. Since her days at Polygon, she has worked with various startups across the globe as a one-woman legal department, handling everything from 0-100, including setting up departments, putting regulatory and compliance policies in place, overseeing the opening of offshore entities, drafting documents, advising on strategy, etc. She is familiar with the legal and regulatory scenarios in India, United Arab Emirates, British Virgin Islands, among others. She especially enjoys negotiating deals, dispute resolution, and discussing the legal revolution around the corner due to AI. When she’s not lawyering it up, you can find her in a swimming pool, trying to beat her previous best or in her garden, tending to coleus cuttings while listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks for the billionth time.

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